Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9 weeks!

First Doctor Appt 9 Weeks 1 Day

This morning I went to the doctor, M joined me. They first took me into the room to do a sonogram, I will post those as soon as M gets back home because he has to hook up the printer... Anyways, as soon as they get to where the baby is the baby is just moving around like no other, its really pretty amusing. Its like our little baby is a dancing machine haha! M gave the baby the name, little gummy bear hahah! Today the baby measure 24 mm which M says is about an inch long (I am horrible at math so I have no choice but to believe him). That is just totally amazing to me that you can see something that small.

Then we talked to the dr. her name will now be Dr. Iamtooskinny, she is really nice! She asked me if I had any questions which I didn't since I have been reading up the wazoo! She warned me about toxioplasmosis yes I know not to change the litter box, who said I did that even before I got pregnant? (Another not, after years of being a vet tech according to Dr. Google I am immune to it but I am not going to take the chance)

Anyways I will post the pictures sometime tonight for everyone to see! M is getting more excited now that he "can see there really is something in there" I thought that was really cute. Oh yeah and the babies heartrate is 172 which they said is really good, so yeah anyways, more later! I will post sonogram pictures for you.

Also one more thing my due date has been changed to April 18th right now... Okay yeah I think I am done for now haha!

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