Friday, March 9, 2007

In for the duration...

Well I am in the hospital. Finally got my internet connection up and running woohoo! I went to the doctor on Tuesday. They hooked me up to the NST and the baby was not reactive (meaning more than 3 acclerations in 30 minutes). Midwife wanted to do a BPP(Bio-Physical Profile) which is they want 2 movements & 2 kicks in 30 minutes. We were not prepared for what they said next. She is measuring two weeks behind and they wanted me to go see the perinatologist immediately. They sent me next door to the hospital and I saw Dr. S and he confirmed that yes she was two weeks behind in growth. Weighing 3.4 lbs. He diagnosed me with IUGR (Inter-uterine growth retardation) he recommended I stay in the hospital until delivery to monitor her and recommended inducing me at 36 weeks which is on March 21st. So I am here for a while. I am scared to death I know she will be in NICU for a while and they sent a neonatologist in to discuss that with me. I am trying to prepare for that emotionally. Dr. L said she shouldn't be in NICU for too long and will most likely be able to breath on her own and I will be able to breast feed her. They are just worried about her weight. I will try to keep everyone posted.

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