Friday, May 30, 2014

1 parent, 5 kids and one poor vision center

I just want to say Happy Birthday to the best mom ever, I don't know how you managed all of us kids and still live to tell all the embarrassing stories! I love you!

Yesterday was the eye doctor... for all the myself. Yes, I am insane, first step is admittance right?
So, we park as close as we can and I let all the five monsters descend upon the place, fortunately they have a play place. Unfortunately my kids don't know how to be nice to other kids so while waiting the hour to be seen all of them at one point get in trouble and have to sit with me.

We finally get called into the 10x10 room for them to do all the assessment. I have Avery screaming to be held, Rebecca crawling around trying to unplug everything, Mikayla refusing to listen, Shaun repeating over over over "mom am I brave" yes Shaun yes you are and Caleb the normal demon child was the good one? I know I couldn't believe it either. We got eyes measured, pictures taken, air blown in, and dilated. Yes I have five kids with dilated eyes, quite funny if you ask me. Then we get taken to yet another room which was pitch black and I realized my eyes suck in the dark. I am now holding Caleb & Rebecca, I have given Avery my phone to play on and Mikayla is up first. We of course knew she would need glasses since she already has them and my normal social butterfly clammed up and would only whisper answers to me that I had to then relay to the doctor while Rebecca is pulling my hair and Caleb is kicking his legs wanting free. Shaun up next, no glasses for that little guy but I got to see the most gorgeous blue eyes up close :) Caleb, Avery & Rebecca are all farsighted but doctor says that is normal with age and generally grow out of it so they will re-check next visit. I couldn't imagine trying to keep track of four pairs of glasses. I would go NUTS!

Now comes time to picking a pair of glasses. I wanted wire frames, they hold up better. Mikayla wanted the big plastic frames that remind me of the 1960's. She wanted pink I wanted black, she wanted hearts, I wanted flowers. All while we are trying to get her glasses that she can agree with me on and Shaun is now picking up Rebecca and spinning her wildly in circles. Caleb is trying to kill Avery and the circus continues. We finally get her glasses picked and will pick them up next week... by myself never again will I get five kids in any doctor ever again. It just isn't going to happen.

We trek to back to the van, take ten minutes to readjust sunglasses, stupid cheap toys that were given, field questions about dinner all while I am pouring in sweat and just want sleep and food. I decide cooking isn't an option that night and we go to taco shop. Kids are trying to scream orders that's when I snapped I was done done done. I yelled "IF you don't be quiet YOU ARE ALL GOING TO STARVE!" Yep, that made them quiet, I ordered my 15 pack of soft tacos while kids cried that their cheap toys already broke, their paper glasses broke and one was eating carmex...

This mom is done and sent them to bed early just so I could too :) 

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