Thursday, May 29, 2014

In Love with Summer??

My kids have gone nuts. I normally love summer, being able to sleep in and not have to fight with them to get ready for school. This momma is in LOVE with summer! This summer I am already questioning my sanity. I woke up this morning with an adorable Caleb on my head... pouring my leftover soda from the night before on my head. He is laughing manically and just can't seem to understand why momma is running to the bathroom and stripping the bed of its sheets. As I am cleaning up that mess I hear giggling, which in this house coming from Caleb is never a good sign. I go to the kitchen where he is no sitting ON TOP of the refrigerator. I really think I gave birth to a monkey I try to get him down but he is now standing and backed all the way to the wall. I grab a chair and my arms are still not long enough to get him down safely. I am no light weight I am 5'9 180 lbs climbing on a counter would normally not be an option for me, but today it had to be. I get my butt up on the chair and step on to the counter with one foot and have no idea how to put my other foot up there. I get the genius idea to hang on to the cabinet... Full of canned goods. I grab the top and hoist myself up onto the counter just as I make it cans come flying out at me and I have successfully pulled my cabinet of the wall (never buy not wood cabinets). I look at my mess, there is cans all over the kitchen, the cabinet now in the sink, nails sticking out of the wall and my dear son is still on top of the fridge... laughing...hysterically. I close in on him, this time he is coming down after I have torn my kitchen apart to get to him. Now he is dancing and singing his ABC's and reaching out for me. I love this kid but I am beginning to think he is a monkey not a human. I got him down with the help of Mikayla grabbing him from me and now I am stuck on the counter. STUCK. I had knee surgery so getting it to bend the way I want only happens 20% of the time. I have one knee down and now Mikayla and Caleb are both on the ground laughing hysterically at me. Caleb runs off, he got bored watching me squirm. I was being careful until I heard water rushing. Somehow in that moment I was able to fly off the counter, dive over the cans and reach the kids bathroom just in time to see Caleb flooding the sink with toilet paper. He is dancing on the counter in the water having a blast. This time momma has had it. She just quit smoking two days ago and his cute smile isn't going to get him out of trouble this time. I shut the water off get him off the counter and lock him in his room thinking he will be safe while I clean this mess up, completely leaving my kitchen mess. 10 towels later and lots of toilet paper the bathroom is clean and I go to the bedroom to let him out. In 10 minutes time this kid has pushed three mattresses off the beds and is on top of the bunk beds in jump position. Do I need to remind everyone that he is only 2? I think I am raising the next evil knieval. At this point I am ready to pull my hair out and just cry. I want my mommy, what did I do to deserve this?! So, I do what any bad mom does and decide okay I need to trap him so that I can watch him and clean everything up. I take Rebecca's play pen, turn on cartoons and give him some toys and flip the play pen over so he can't get out. I know I know it's horrible but I needed to clean up his messes. So, while he was stuck in there I commandeered Mikayla (okay bribed) to help me. She stacked all the cans up while I started the sheets in the laundry and then called my mom to ask how to put the cabinet back on the wall. With a 2x4 and lots of long screws my cabinet is back on, bribed Mikayla with more candy to put the cans back up while I fixed the boys room once again. This was all before 9am and this momma needs a nap and shower ASAP

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