Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sorry Mailman

Last month Aaron lost our only mailbox key while working under someones house... only to realize it after work and didn't know where it would be. I called the post office and they want to charge me $25 dollars for a key. I like my money, I like keeping it in my bank account I don't even like paying bills much less paying money just to get my bills... So, I kind of forgot about the whole key thing. Yesterday I realized I really needed to get my mail and had no key. I was too much of a wimp to break into my own mailbox (again...I don't look good in orange) so I opted for telling all the neighbor kids to watch for the mailman for me this morning. I get a knock and the mailman has arrived I sprint out of the house in boxers and a t-shirt down the street hoping he was still there. I must have looked like a crazy woman all wild hair and huffing and puffing as he backed away from me. I have mail back from April in there. I only got three bills, the rest was junk anyway but I GOT MONEY! Thank you little kid for helping me get my mail, I am one happy momma today :) 

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