Tuesday, May 27, 2014

She did it this time...

You see this sweet innocent looking little girl? It's a lie... She is sneaky, devious, and full of orneriness! In the span of two months the two events have occurred.

*My brother who is 20 was watching my kids while I ran a friend home. Mikayla is outside playing as I leave. I pull into the drive way after being gone about ten minutes to a phone call from the local police department. The following conversation ensued.

Police: Is this Mikayla's mom?
Me: Yes, is everything okay?! (almost panicking at this point)
Police: Yes, we have her at the police station, she was found at (main intersection) can you come get her?
Me: Yes, I will be right there.
I am now speeding to the police station in hysterics and calling Aaron to relay what is going on.
I run into the police station to find one happy little girl with a sucker and two police officers at her side as she just smiles on like this is a normal day. I ask what happened. Apparently my child decided that she wanted to go to Sonic and get ice cream and decided to walk out of our neighborhood down the main road (which is also a highway) and let a lady pick her up THAT SHE DIDN'T KNOW off the side of the road and take her to the police station. Needless to say I was so mad. I contained myself until we got to the van. I even smiled and thanked the officers as I was buckling in and the minute I left the parking lot momma had enough of her fake little smile.

Momma: Why didn't you ask anyone if you could go?
Mikayla: Because I knew you would say no
Momma: So why did you go?
Mikayla: because I wanted to go, I wanted ice cream
Momma: did you have money for ice cream?
Mikayla: no
Momma: so how were you going to get ice cream?
Mikayla: I am cute, Sonic would have gave me some for  that
Momma: you know you are in big trouble right?
Mikayla: yep
Momma: you going to do this again?
Mikayla: hmm I don't think so
Momma: you're grounded until your birthday (5 weeks)
Mikayla: that's too long, can we negotiate?
Momma: no, if you try it will be longer. Just wait until daddy hears about this.
Mikayla: Fine! 5 weeks, but dad don't need to know I will clean everyday and change diapers
Momma: I am not negotiating with a terrorist
Mikayla: Mom... terrorists blow up buildings, I don't do that

Needless to say she got grounded for 5 weeks, daddy knew and they had a nice long talk. So we thought she knew better... RIGHT!?! Cue today...

Mikayla calls on her friends phone: "Mom can I go to the local school park with my friend?"
Momma: her mom going?
Mikayla: yes she is going to walk with us
Momma: okay you sure she is going
Mikayla: yes
Momma: okay you can go then *click*

Shaun walks in wants to know if he can go to local school too, I said no Mikayla already left with friend and mom. He said nooo just Mikayla and friend. I call up friends mom, she isn't with them she stayed at home. I call friends cell phone (WHO IS ONLY 10!!) and of course they don't answer. I start freaking out, getting kids ready to go drive to school to go pick her lying butt up. Fly through the house looking for keys and shoes and can only find one shoe go figure as I am in near panic. Get the three little ones strapped in carseat, screaming for Shaun to hurry up because his sister could be kidnapped (yes my brain went there) and then I see it... Mikayla skipping around the corner with her friend. I think the whole neighborhood heard her whole entire name screamed and told to get her butt home RIGHT NOW I roared. She is still hopping, totally oblivious that she is going to be in trouble. As she is making her way home, I unbuckle the three tell Shaun to go open the front door. Dragging Caleb back with me because of course he now doesn't want to go inside with Rebecca on my hip. Screaming the whole time for Mikayla to get home NOW. I am pretty sure some of the neighbors were peaking out their windows. She finally gets home to tell me she didn't lie that her friends mom was with her... yet another lie. I was so mad with her that she is in her room until daddy gets home because let's be real orange don't look good on me, my complexion is too pasty white.

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