Monday, June 16, 2014

Stupid Carmax, Stupid Blonde

Today has just been one of those days where you really wish that you could duct tape your children to the wall... Even if I could I wouldn't have the energy to do it.

Mikayla took EIGHT hours to clean her room, not because it was that dirty but because she just didn't want to do it. I know have a literal mountain of laundry from the things she has shoved under her bed the past month. We could have had a monkey living in there and I wouldn't have known it but I digress.

Caleb climbed the bathroom counter and somehow broke the cold water handle... while it was running and people wonder why I keep the tools in my house and not my shed.

Then the icing on the cake? I got pulled over... I really thought it was because Mikayla kept turning around in her seat but no... I just bought a van in January, the dealership *cough cough carmax* said that they would go ahead and register and tag my van and then I could pick up the plates and registration from the dealership when it was ready. Sweet I thought. They also stated that since renewal was in March that they would tag it all the way until March 2015 because my 60 day tag would be done in March. Cool right? Well, blonde me never even glanced at the registration or the tags for that matter.... They only did it until March 2014. I have been driving on expired tags for three months and had no clue about it. So, I figured okay big misunderstanding, I will check my buyers order and sure enough I was only charged 65.00 dollars for my tags so at least I didn't get overcharged for tags that I didn't get. Guess I get to go to the DMV tomorrow and waste my life away with five kids. Bah humbag. 

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